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About Us

Who We Are

Viridis Materials was founded to help researchers, purchasers, and industrial chemists alike find responsibly sourced raw materials with scalability in mind. We are prepared to support your research needs and provide production level volumes. Our continually growing portfolio of products includes materials used in high tech applications such as optics, defense, semiconductor, metallurgical, and other various industries.

In The Community

We believe in using science to drive change and improve people’s lives, so 10% of sales are donated to the Union of Concerned Scientists – an organization that uses rigorous, independent science to solve our planet’s most pressing problems to support a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.

Our Mission

Here at Viridis Materials, we aim to provide sustainably and ethically sourced materials across the world. With over a combined quarter century of experience in the advanced materials market, the founders seek to make chemical sourcing green, transparent, and convenient. Our team is committed to exceeding your expectations through providing on-time delivery and high quality materials. We are dedicated to making your research straightforward and efficient.

Hazardous Materials Handling

Hazardous Materials Handling

We’ve created a culture of safety for handling, transporting, and storing hazardous products. Our protocols ensure that the finished product is high quality and is safely transported.

Eco-Friendly Sourcing

Eco-Friendly Sourcing​

Fueling the worldwide push for environmental consciousness, we feel the responsibility to identify and support green initiatives for the production of our materials. We believe that implementing green sourcing practices is essential for the continued growth of the chemical industry.

Globally Accessible

World-Wide Accessibility

We will distribute materials to you, wherever you are. Chemistry is truly a universal language and making our products globally accessible, is not only convenient, it’s a necessity.

Government-Grade Product QA

Government-Grade Product QA

Our materials have the government stamp of approval for quality you can trust.

Qualified Professionals

Our in-house team of scientists and engineers have extensive knowledge and technical expertise to uphold high-quality production and standards

Customer Service

Top-Rated Customer Service

We take the hassle out of buying. Our customer support is here to address any questions or specifications you may have. We have an unparalleled reputation for helping find solutions to the most challenging research projects.