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Introducing Viridis Materials LLC

Meet Viridis Materials, the experts in making chemical sourcing green, transparent and easy

Viridis, the Latin word for green, is the ideal name for Viridis Materials, the international metal and chemical supplier dedicated to supporting green chemistry. The founders built Viridis due to the lack of transparency and ease around finding responsibly sourced, government-grade raw materials used in high tech applications like optics, defense, semiconductor, metallurgical, and other nuanced industries. The Viridis Materials team is a group of forward thinkers who believe that eco-friendly sourcing is not only necessary to protect the environment, but is vital for the continued growth of the chemical industry as a whole.

While it was never impossible to find ethically sourced materials before Viridis was born, the process was time consuming and difficult to produce at scale. With researchers, purchasers and industrial chemists in mind, the team delivers a customized experience that will not only be best suited for you and your company’s needs, but will exceed all of your expectations.

What sets Viridis Materials apart?

Outside of its dedication to quality materials, superior customer service, straightforward research and on-time delivery, one of Viridis’ primary focuses is the community. Unlike many of  its competitors, Viridis is community driven and wants to use science to incite change and improve people’s everyday lives. With science and community at the heart of its mission, 10% of all sales are donated to the Union of Concerned Scientists—an organization that uses independent science research to solve our planet’s most pressing problems to support a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.

Viridis Materials will offer you the attention and personalized service of a small business, but actually operates as an international entity. Not only does Viridis work with global consciousness in mind, enabling the team to provide high-quality production and standards, they are also able to deliver to customers worldwide. While other firms are limited to geographic location, Viridis can distribute materials directly to you, wherever you are. With the core belief of chemistry as a universal language, the in-house team of scientists and researchers have made sure that the distribution of ethically sourced materials is globally accessible and available to all.

That’s great, but why choose Viridis Materials?

In addition to making the chemical and metal sourcing process convenient and transparent, Viridis ensures they are available to you every step of the way. With an unparalleled reputation, its knowledgeable and attentive customer support team is available to answer any and all questions you might have during any point of the process.

Ultimately, the Viridis team is made up of a strong group of problem solvers who will help you to find solutions to your most challenging questions and research projects. Counting on this band of experts will help you to scale your business, broaden your audience and exceed your goals. In addition to strengthening your own business, in working with Viridis Materials you are also contributing to a much greater cause that gives back to the science community and helps better our society as a whole.

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